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Meet the team in 90 seconds – Tom Bradbury

Meet Tom Bradbury Director in the Corporate Finance Team here at Wilson Partners.


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Seeking investment: Getting your business fit for investment

It all starts with ‘cash-flow’. Review (regularly) what’s coming in, what’s going out in order to optimise your cash position, particularly in a growing businesses where spend can quickly spiral out of control, unless monitored closely. You need t...


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Seeking investment: What a Private Equity investor looks for

Certain firms exclusively pursue large-scale deals exceeding £100 million, while others concentrate on smaller transactions. Furthermore, some firms differentiate themselves with distinctive expertise, effectively assisting companies in internatio...


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Seeking investment: Different types of investor

Seeking equity investment can bring a significant number of benefits to a business, not just an injection of cash, but investors can bring broader business experience, contacts and act as a critical sounding board, helping towards the development ...


Seeking investment: Debt vs equity

Most businesses start off self-funded by the entrepreneur (sometimes referred to as bootstrapping), and possibly with loans and investment from friends and family. Whilst many SME businesses will always grow organically and never take on any exte...


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Selling my business: Getting your business fit for sale

It is never too early to start planning for your exit. Early planning and seeking the advice of specialists can improve the efficiency of the sale process, make your business as attractive a proposition as possible and, ultimately, lead to a highe...


Inheritance Tax Planning – getting started

After much speculation around the scrapping of Inheritance Tax (IHT), the 2023 Autumn statement gave no truth to those whispers, meaning, for now, it’s here to stay with no changes to come…yet. So, it’s worth noting the ways to mitigate your tax l...


What is my business worth?

Selling my business: What is my business worth?

Often, when running an SME, focus is on key drivers such as sales, profit and cashflow, but at some point many SME contemplating the future will ask this question in some guise and at some point in the development of the business...


Meet the team Jeremy Cuthbert

Meet the team in 90 seconds – Jeremy Cuthbert

Meet Jeremy Cuthbert, Head of Marketing, Brand and Business Development, he's played a vital role in developing Wilson Partners into the firm it is today and is never one to turn down a chance to get on the dance floor!


Inheritance Tax: Let’s get organised

Let’s face it, none of us want to think about when we’re going to die, let alone talk about it, or consider if there’s going to be a tax bill waiting for our loved ones once we’re gone. But it’s really important to understand what your Estate is w...


Back to basics: What is IHT?

No one likes to talk about death and hardly anyone like to talk about tax, so Inheritance Tax (IHT), being a tax that is predominantly in point when someone dies, is a difficult topic and one many don’t think about during their lifetime. Our late...


Knowledge for Life

Book Club: Menopausing by Davina McCall

The Book Club’s most recent read was Menopausing by Davina McCall and Dr Naomi Potter who look to break the shameful silence over peri-menopause and menopause with the intention to empower and support everyone through their experience.