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Commercial Accountancy Expertise in Cambridge

Since 2008, our award-winning team of Chartered Accountants and business professionals have delivered success to clients from a range of sectors within Cambridge and surrounding areas.

Famed for its rich history, prestigious university and stunning architecture, Cambridge is a well-known city with a top-performing economy. And our dedicated team is keen to help ambitious businesses to thrive within this fast-growing city.

We strive to work with like-minded individuals with a clear passion for what they do; the tenacious entrepreneurs, hardworking business owners and switched-on investors who are the backbone of the UK economy. Those who are resilient and work tirelessly to innovate and seize new opportunities. Those who are passionate about making their vision a reality. Young minds who are ready to spark change and make their mark.

Everything you need from start-up to exit
Equipped with the knowledge and experience to help businesses right from day one all the way through to planning and executing an exit, we’re well placed to know how to ensure your business is compliant, how to take your business to the next level and to achieve success, whatever success looks like to you. In-house teams dedicated to start-ups, advisory, accounting, tax, R&D and mergers and acquisitions means we’re the accountants you’ll never outgrow.

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Director-led accountants in Cambridge

With the Wilson Partners team onside offering the perfect blend of technical know-how and commercial expertise, Cambridge businesses will reach new levels of success.

Our Cambridge accounting firm is equipped with a wealth of accountancy knowledge and business acumen, and our director-led approach offers a unique personal experience in the worlds of equity, debt and transaction management. 

We’ve built a lot of business relationships over the years, and we’re more than willing to leverage them to support you. Wilson Partners are the ideal choice for Cambridge businesses that want to exceed ambitious growth targets and generate high levels of revenue.

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We strive to find new ways of doing things that improve the client experience, develop our people and bring sustainable benefits to Cambridge businesses. We maintain the highest standards and make changes to our world before the world changes us.

Relationships That Last

Whether it’s our Cambridge accounting team, our clients or our wide-ranging network, everything we do is driven by the relationships we build. Together we achieve more, so we form professional relationships that last.

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Dedicated Experts

With “Big 4” expertise and practical experience, our people add real value to our Cambridge clients. From general accounting services and advising on wealth management to getting you working more efficiently, our commitment to and passion for client service shines through.

Committed to People

We're all about people. We recognise that every client and team member is an individual with unique ambitions and goals and openly encourage and support the achievement of those ambitions.


A chartered accountant is a trained professional who has the knowledge and expertise to ensure compliance within tax, audit and financial management. A chartered accountant plays a crucial role in helping businesses and individuals manage their finances efficiently, comply with regulations and make sound financial decisions.  

Here at Wilson Partners, we have trained professionals specialising in five core service lines: accounting, business advisory, R&D, tax and Corporate Finance.  

Harnessing knowledge gained through experience from working with businesses in a range of industries, a business advisor from Wilson Partners acts as a trusted partner to your business, offering expertise, a fresh perspective and support to help you navigate challenges and capitalise on opportunities. 

Guided by the numbers, our business advisors are trained in accountancy and are therefore well positioned to support businesses to help improve performance or address certain issues within the business. 

Bringing external expertise on board can bring value to your business, no two businesses are the same, so it’s important to consider your business needs and ensure your advisor is able to meet them. The likelihood is that your business needs will change year on year, therefore adaptability is crucial.  

Bringing an external person on board can be beneficial to businesses where an internal resource is not feasible, your external resource will have had exposure and experience in dealing with a range of businesses and business issues each day and are therefore likely to have seen and dealt with any issues you may be facing in your business. Equally they’ve helped hundreds of businesses achieve their goals and keep them compliant to rules and regulations. 

If you’re looking to boost your business, navigate difficulties or plan for an exit, a business advisor can provide value in lots of different ways. Armed with expertise in a whole host of industries, a business advisor can harness their knowledge and experience, tailoring their advice to you and your business to help you achieve your goals. In practice, a business advisor will often fill in the gaps within a business’s senior team, for example as a financial director, on a non-permanent, part-time basis.  

At our core is an understanding of what our clients need and value – after all we’re an ambitious business ourselves. We advise our clients the way we would wish to be advised. Our values that shape and define the character of our business are usually shared by our clients. Review our accounting and business services for Businesses in Cambridge.

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For more detailed information and a meeting to discuss your accounting and finance requirements, please call us on: 01628 770 770 or email: [email protected]

Call us on 01628 770 770 for a no-obligation chat

Wilson Partners' Directors

Our unique director-led approach addresses your business needs whilst keeping a focus on the bigger picture. We combine a high level of practice with outstanding commercial experience to help Cambridge businesses navigate key issues such as taxation, equity generation and managing debt levels.

Choose Wilson Partners to discover Cambridge accountants with a difference.

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For more detailed information and a meeting to discuss your accounting and finance requirements, please call us on: 01628 770 770 or email: [email protected]

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