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I don’t know what my business is worth and whether it’s enough for me to retire

Many business owners spend years, decades even, building a business without giving a second thought to what it’s worth. Then you get to a certain age and perhaps start to think about getting out. So where do you start? Well in reality, once you’ve started thinking about it properly, that’s usually too late – because this is the point when you’ve probably already made the decision to exit and so there might be a sense of urgency.

At Wilson Partners, as well as having a team and numerous tools and metrics to help value a business, we regularly challenge our clients about their long term vision, so that not only can we help you plan for exit, but we can establish what value you want to realise for it and also make sure your records are in great shape so they’ll withstand the most stringent of due diligence processes. So, if the value of your business is keeping you up we can help you not only put a value on it today, but also help you get to where you want it to be to retire comfortably.

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