Cloud accounting software

Cloud accounting allows users to manage their books online via a virtual dashboard.

R&D Tax Incentive – The Patent Box

The patent box enables companies to apply a lower rate of corporation tax of 10% to profits arising from patented […]

Limited companies accounting and tax compliance

What every active limited company has to do in relation to accounts and tax compliance.

Ownership of business premises

We look at how the ownership of business premises should be structured.

Share schemes

In this briefing we focus on some of the questions you should ask yourself as you start to consider a […]

Tax planning for a private company

10 tax planning tips for a UK private company.

Tax planning for selling a private company

10 things you must know about tax before selling shares in a private company.

Family investment companies (FIC)

The Generation Gain: A Family Investment Company (FIC) can provide a tax efficient investment solution for family succession planning.A FIC […]

The responsibilities of a director

Directors hold a position of trust on behalf of the company’s shareholders. Their main duty is to manage the company […]

VAT inspections

VAT Inspections are normally a routine matter. Typically a business will be visited within the first two or three years […]

Seed enterprise investment scheme (SEIS)

SEIS is aimed at smaller companies than EIS. Whilst many of the rules mirror those of EIS, the tax reliefs […]

Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)

The Enterprise Investment Scheme aims to encourage investment in small trading that they will grow and create employment. These investments […]