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Meet the team in 90 seconds – Lesley Kibble

Meet Lesley, our Office Manager at the Cambridge office.


Charlotte Jelly

Meet the team in 90 seconds – Charlotte Jelly

Meet Charlotte, a Client Advisor here at Wilson Partners and keen traveller.


Meet the team in 90 seconds – Tyron Reinecke

Meet keen golfer and dog lover Tyron, Senior Manager within the Corporate Finance Team.


Meet the team in 90 seconds – Stefan Botha

Stefan joined the Wilson Partners Corporate Finance Team in 2022 and works as a Corporate Finance Manager. Stefan is based in our South Africa office and is a lover of Braai!


Meet the team Jeremy Cuthbert

Meet the team in 90 seconds – Jeremy Cuthbert

Meet Jeremy Cuthbert, Head of Marketing, Brand and Business Development, he's played a vital role in developing Wilson Partners into the firm it is today and is never one to turn down a chance to get on the dance floor!


Knowledge for Life

Book Club: Menopausing by Davina McCall

The Book Club’s most recent read was Menopausing by Davina McCall and Dr Naomi Potter who look to break the shameful silence over peri-menopause and menopause with the intention to empower and support everyone through their experience.


Meet the team in 90 seconds – Kieran Mistry

Kieran joined Wilson Partners in 2022 as a Trainee after graduating from his Accounting and Finance degree at the University of the West of England.


Sarah Clarke

Meet the team in 90 seconds – Sarah Clarke

Sarah brings a wealth of knowledge to our tax offering, specialising in Private Client advisory. She is popular with both clients and colleagues, and is quick to build a rapport with anyone she meets, which certainly helps when explaining complex ...


Liv Errington

Meet the team in 90 seconds – Liv Errington

Meet Liv Errington, Digital Marketing Executive at Wilson Partners. .


Meet the team in 90 seconds – James Feast

Meet James Fest, Audit and Accounts Trainee. Partial to a Nespresso coffee and a crucial part of the Audit team, James completes a range of audit work year-end accounts and assists clients with company secretarial work.


Steve Lawrey

Meet the team in 90 seconds – Steve Lawrey

Meet Head of Tax Steve Lawrey, who leads his in helping clients with all their tax needs.


Meet the team in 90 seconds – Trina Hill

Meet Trina Hill, our Company Secretarial Director.


Knowledge for Life

Book Club: Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek

The latest Book Club meet dived into the words of Simon Sinek’s Leaders Eat Last. Amongst the club there was […]


Good governance

What does good governance really look like?

The starting point to answering this question is to consider what governance actually is and its purpose. The first version of the UK Corporate Governance Code, published by the Cadbury Committee in 1992 defined corporate governance as “the syste...


Emma Montgomeri

Meet the Team in 90 Seconds – Emma Montgomerie

Meet Emma Montgomerie, Head of Employee Experience, who focusses on everything people to ensure their employee experience is second to none!


Bobby Battu

Meet the team in 90 seconds – Bobby Battu

Meet Bobby Battu, Head of Payroll, who helps clients with one of their biggest costs each month.


Addressing worries

Why ‘addressing worries’ is a core part of our strategy

We’ve all had concerns about money at one time or another. Whether business-related or personal finances, it’s not a particularly pleasant feeling. This is often compounded by the fact that, as humans (or maybe it’s a British thing), we generally ...


software startups

How software startups can use an EMI scheme to attract top talent

A struggle for businesses, not least startups, is attracting top talent. With the rise of remote work and booming growth in the tech sector, the software industry in particular is finding it difficult to find the right people for the job.


Meet the team in 90 seconds – Jo Goggin

Meet Jo Goggin, Employee Experience Manager helping the business grown and move forward.


Team Events Header Image.

Employee Engagement – what does it all mean?

Employee engagement. Positive employee experience. Development and mentoring. What exactly do these words all mean?


Knowledge for Life

Book Club: Book One – A Quiet Leadership by David Rock

The first book has been chosen for our newly formed book club!


Alice Pearce

Meet the team in 90 seconds – Alice Pearce

Meet Alice Pearce, Senior Client Advisor and potter!


Wilson Partners take on the 3 Peaks

16 accountants hike up the 3 highest peaks in Britain. No not the start of a joke but the start of a great fundraising campaign!


Alexander Devine – Wilson Partners Corporate Charity Partner

Wilson Partners is proud to have chosen Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice Service as a chosen charity partner, who also reflect these core values.


Maidenhead United and Wilson Partners Thinking Business

The Power of Sport to Connect

Wilson Partners is also committed to supporting the local Maidenhead community and shares the same core values that MUFC holds, particularly with health and well-being. The power that sport can bring to connect the community and the benefits that ...


Jodie Green, Tax Manager, Wilson Partners.

Meet the team in 90 seconds – Jodie Green

Jodie is a Tax Manager here at Wilson Partners and has a very full and interesting life outside of work. Have a read of her interview. Thanks for sharing Jodie.


Dan James

Meet the team in 90 seconds – Dan James

Dan found 90 seconds to give us a hilarious interview, back to the sport now Dan, thanks for your time!


Duncan Bye

Meet the Team in 90 seconds – Duncan Bye

Duncan's passion for everything from Wilson Partners to surfing shines through in everything he does. Read his interview to find out more about this energetic chap!


The new face of professional – embracing the chaos

I have been very lucky with my employer, Wilson Partners Ltd, a relatively young and forward thinking firm, with many working parents among the team and facing similar struggles. This forward thinking approach is prevalent across all areas of the ...


Change in Business.

After the biggest year of change in a generation, is there still room for more change in your business?

'Collaboration' is on the rise, especially among SME's and I've been amazed to see just how much this can benefit businesses at little or no cost. Gone are the days of keeping cards close to your chest, this is the time to open dialogue with busin...


Business in 2021

A view on business in 2021

What is also very clear is that entrepreneurs will not wait for the pandemic to end before taking action. Indeed entrepreneurs generally face periods of huge uncertainty with increased enthusiasm for the way ahead. We have seen this manifest itsel...


Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Extension

Furlough scheme updated – Nov 2020

Under the extended scheme, the benefits will return to the same levels as August. The Job Support Scheme, which was scheduled to come in on Sunday 1st November, has been postponed until the furlough scheme ends.


Wilson Partners Job Support scheme

The Job Support Scheme (JSS) starts 1st November

The JSS starts on the 1 November 2020 and runs for 6 months, until 30 April 2021. The government will review the terms of the scheme in January. Employers will be able to claim in arrears from 8 December 2020, with payments made after the claim ha...



Wellbeing tips for business owners

Be proud and remind yourself how great you are Running your own business is no mean feat, remember that! You should be proud.


Cash flow culture

It’s time to create a new culture in pursuit of cash excellence

At the start of the COVID-19 crisis, many businesses reacted quickly to stave of the imminent crisis and keep their […]


Business in 2021

Beware the dangers of recovery

It’s often said, and rightly so, that the most dangerous time for businesses is not going into recession but on the way out. During a recession cash balances and balance sheet reserves often shrink and the return to growth, which usually requires ...


Sales process

7 Pillars of success – Part 7, Sales

And finally, make sure your team completely understands your product or service and are prepared to put in the effort to do their homework and understand the prospect as well. 


thames Valley Business Report

Research report: Business in the Thames Valley in the midst of COVID-19

Well, unsurprisingly COVID-19 and the lockdown measures have had a polarising effect across business. Whilst some have seen their sales fall off a cliff due to exposure to certain sectors such as retail or hospitality, others with exposure to more...


Flexible Furlough


The Government, has confirmed further changes to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) with the introduction of flexible furloughing as well as the increased costs to employers, from 1 August, who have furloughed employees.  Whilst it is wit...


Parental Leave Furlough Rules.


People on paternity and maternity leave who return to work in the coming months will be eligible for the government’s […]


7 pillars of success part 6 - Finance and Legal, interview with Duncan Bye

7 pillars of success part 6 – Finance and Legal, interview with Duncan Bye

For part 6 of our ‘7 pillars of success’ series, we’re talking to our very own Duncan Bye. ‘Dunc’ is […]


Covid-19 bounce back

It’s time to think like a start-up and act like a grown up – you need to be on top of your game to trade through the COVID-19 crisis

Beware also that as you trade through this, often the most dangerous time for a businesses is coming out of recession. Growth inevitably eats cash and so the funding of your business to allow that growth will be vitally important – especially if b...


Furlough Scheme Extended

Government Furlough Scheme Extended By Four Months

The changes to the current scheme will become clearer in the days and weeks ahead, but following a series of tweetson Rishi Sunak's account this afternoon, what we can tell so far is that the extension to the scheme is designed to offer flexibilit...


COVID-19 IT Security Breaches.

Avoid relaxing your IT Security to enable working from home during the COVID-19 crisis

In mid-March, a frantic scramble ensued to equip office-based workforces in so many different businesses with the ability to work from home, as it was either this or no business at all.  Everything happened in a blur, and accordingly many processe...


Cocoon your business

Should you consider cocooning your business during the COVID-19 crisis?

If your business has seen a huge drop in revenues in recent weeks due to the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve produced this blog to give you an idea of what cocooning (or mothballing) a business might look like and why and how you might do it in response to...


Tips for Coronavirus

Our tips for keeping your head through the Coronavirus crisis

It’s now almost 3 weeks since Boris Johnson began his daily press briefings and Rishi Sunak unveiled the first raft […]


The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme ***UPDATED 17th APRIL 2020***

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme is a temporary scheme open to all UK employers for at least three months starting […]


7 Pillars of Business Success, Part 5 - Operations, Brainstorming

7 Pillars of Business Success, Part 5 – Operations

Introduction No matter what business you’re in, your ability to bring on new clients while maximising lifetime profit value of […]


COVID-19 Business Support.

Don’t feel isolated – 10 considerations for your business in the wake of Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Be aware of your responsibilities as a director.  If you’re looking at a period where losses may be made and the long term viability of the business could be in doubt you will have to remember your responsibilities and duties as a director.  It ma...


COVID-19 Business Support Hub.

Huge support for UK plc: COVID-19.  What action should you take NOW? ***UPDATED 27th APRIL 2020***

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, all UK employers will be able to access support to […]


2020 Business Goals.

4 New Year’s resolutions you need to make for your businesses, to give you more time, more money, more knowledge and stay motivated

he Government offers tax reliefs to reward UK businesses investing in innovation, known as Research and Development (R&D) tax reliefs. These can have a huge and valuable impact on small and large businesses.


Staying motivated.

How to stay motivated in business

Find stuff you love to do, stuff you are good at and stuff someone will pay you to do. It took me a few years into my 20s but I got there with help from others. It kind of meant that from that date I no longer saw work as work !


Team Building Header

7 Pillars of Business Success, Part 3 – Building a Team

As a business leader, the single most important decisions you ever make will concern the people you hire and the […]



Rethink time management to give your energy a boost

You can only spend your time in a productive, effective manner if you have enough energy to do so. Most […]


Leadership and Strategy

7 Pillars of Business Success, Part 1 – Strategy and Leadership

Championing strong values The final characteristic of all great leaders is their ability to create a shared culture, which demands […]


Star on Floor.

13 ways to be a great employee

So much time is spent teaching leadership, but very little is spent on how to be a good follower, especially for those who didn't have great coaches. The fact is that no company succeeds without disciplined, loyal, and effective followers


Charity, Volunteering.

Charity Begins at Work

The classic mantra says ‘Charity begins at Home’ but perhaps this should be amended in the modern day. After all, the most rewarding part of work for many members of staff, especially those in small and medium businesses, is the ability to give ba...


Business Advisory.

So, what IS Business Advisory – and why did we win an award for it?

We recognise that ‘Business Advisory’ is a widely used term amongst accountancy practices but to the majority of business people, […]


Selling your business

Where next for me and my business?

It’s never too early to think about your exit – 9 things you should consider to ensure you get the […]


The 7 pillars of business success that ensure you achieve your ambitions

As an owner manager, it’s not rocket science that to achieve your ambitions you need to have a vision and a clear and well articulated plan of how you’re going to get there. You’ll face many challenges along the way and you’ll need to possess ment...