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Highly experienced, commercial accountancy expertise

We are Wilson Partners, a firm of Chartered Accountants serving Slough and Berkshire.

At the heart of our offering is the full spectrum of accounting services. We ensure compliance and peace of mind for a wide range of clients with extensive knowledge across different business types including limited companies, partnerships, unincorporated entities and pension schemes.

While it’s paramount to stay compliant, it’s what business owners do with their financial information that enables them to drive success and achieve business goals.

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A director-led service that adds commercial value to our clients and the deal process

Our innovative cloud based accounting solutions guarantee clear, concise and current information on your business’s financial performance to give you constant visibility on profitability, key performance indicators and forecasting to help you make informed decisions that power business success.

We can complement this service with book keeping, regular management accounts, payroll and advice to give you a complete accounts department and virtual finance director under one roof, for a fixed fee.

Whatever your requirements and level of expertise, we will deliver a tailored package of service to meet your needs, remove stress and administrative burdens and deliver exceptional value for your business. Come and talk to us and find out more.

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We strive to find new ways of doing things that improve the client experience, develop our people and bring sustainable benefit to our community. We maintain the highest standards and make changes to our world before the world changes us.

Relationships That Last

Whether it’s our team, our clients or our wide-ranging network, everything we do is driven by the relationships we build. Together we achieve more, so we form professional relationships that last.

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Dedicated Experts

With “Big 4” expertise and practical experience, our people add real value to our clients. From advising on wealth management to getting you working more efficiently, our commitment to and passion for client service shines.

Committed to People

Our values are centred on the understanding that it’s all about the people. Every client and team member is an individual with ambitions and goals in life. We recognise this, and openly encourage and support the achievement of those ambitions.

At our core is an understanding what our clients need and value – after all we’re an ambitious business ourselves.  We advise our clients the way we would wish to be advised.  Our values that shape and define the character of our business are usually shared by our clients. Review our accounting and business services for Businesses in Slough.

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For more detailed information and a meeting to discuss your accounting and finance requirements, please call us on: 01628 770 770 or email:[email protected]

Call us on 01628 770 770 for a no-obligation chat

Wilson Partners' Directors

Businesses in Slough can be assured of Wilson Partners service to take them to the next level. Our director-led accounting support will give you a blend of exemplary commercial expertise and top quality practice in order to get the right result. Our entire team are highly experienced with supporting businesses, thanks to our depth and breadth of knowledge regarding transaction management, and the worlds of debt and transaction management. This gives total assurance to Slough businesses that they are making the right call. Wilson Partners is the best option for Slough businesses that want to take their accounting services to the next level.

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Below, we’ve answered some of the most common questions that we get from Slough businesses regarding our accounting services.

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For more detailed information and a meeting to discuss your accounting and finance requirements, please call us on: 01628 770 770 or email: [email protected]

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