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Tax Investigations

As a business owner, we know how worrying even the possibility of a HMRC tax investigation can be – even more so if it becomes a reality especially for Maidenhead business owners. The Wilson Partners team is here to help.

Our service is a little different to many others because our starting point is always that prevention is better than resolution. This is why we’ve become the stand-out choice for Maidenhead tax investigation services.

We understand the significant impacts from a financial and time perspective but we also understand how stressful an enquiry can be. The three elements of our service are all based on positive and cooperative action to achieve the best outcome:

Prevention and identification

Don’t wait for an enquiry to arise. Instead, we can give Maidenhead businesses peace of mind by reviewing processes and systems for problems including VAT and PAYE health checks and advice on the tax implications of one-off transactions. We can then manage any issues proactively by changing processes and, if necessary, making a disclosure to HMRC.

Voluntary disclosures

The UK has the longest tax code in the world and so it’s hardly surprising that taxpayers make mistakes. Where this happens, the best approach is to make a voluntary disclosure to HMRC and change processes to ensure the problem can’t recur. Our role is to help and advise Maidenhead businesses through the disclosure process and to undertake any negotiations with HMRC to achieve the best possible outcome. That way, we can help you avoid a formal tax investigation.

Enquiries and investigations

HMRC receives huge amounts of information from third parties at home and abroad and from their own “Connect” computer system. Normally any enquiry will be driven by information received – random investigations are rare. Our role is to remove the stress from the process and to help to agree the lowest possible settlement.

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