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11 April 2024

Meet the team in 90 seconds – Tom Bradbury

Introduce yourself

Hi, I’m Tom and I am a Director in the Corporate Finance Team here at Wilson Partners. I started my career and did my training within audit at EY, and after about 5 years moved into Corporate Finance – which I have been doing ever since!

I live in a small village with my wife and our daughter and other than spending time with the family, I am big on my rugby – although my playing days came to a halt a number of years ago (…. coinciding with the arrival of my daughter !) I still watch as much as I can.

Describe your role at Wilson Partners

I spend the majority of my time providing both financial due diligence and lead advisory support to corporate and private equity clients on a range of transactions.

Ask one colleague to describe you

“Tom might be one of the smartest and good-natured guys I’ve ever met. He is always willing to extend a helping hand to his colleagues (even outside his team) on any challenge with his tranquil demeanour and Zen-like approach. Tom is just an all-round nice guy. Although an England Rugby fan, I know he’s a secret Springboks (South Africa) supporter!” – Tyron Reinecke

Favourite drink in and out of the office

Now that we have a shiny new machine it is a cappuccino in the office, and frankly it is probably the same outside of the office! Saying that, I am partial to a nice scotch.

Favourite film

Will watch most films, although am a fan of the earlier big de Niro/ Pacino films and if I were to go with one it would have to be Heat – classic!

Favourite food

Fish, chips and (much to my wife’s disgust…) mushy peas!

Favourite country/holiday

We have never really revisited the same place so hard to choose one, although we have had lots of UK holidays recently (Cornwall, Devon, New Forest etc.) which are hugely underrated.

Cats or dogs?

Cats for me as have always had them, although I’m not strongly one way or the other so the possibility of dogs is there for the future!

Do you have any hobbies?

Main time spent now is with the family and enjoying my little one growing up. In any time left I try to watch as much rugby as I can (playing days firmly behind me!), get to the gym/ runs or just winding down with a good book.

One thing that most people don’t know about you

I think most people might not know that I play the guitar. I have a classical guitar (which I’ve had since primary school… complete with name sticker and all!) and 2 electrics (ESP Explorer and an ESP MH if you’re interested…!) on hand at home to keep working from home days more interesting!

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