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Business valuations service.
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Business valuations service

There are many reasons why you might want to establish the value of a business. Whether you’re thinking about a transaction, including a full or partial sale or acquisition, restructuring your business or you’re involved in a dispute it is critical to establish an accurate valuation of the businesses involved and any associated assets.

Whilst there are plenty of methods for valuing businesses, every situation is unique and that uniqueness can have positive and negative impacts on the ultimate valuation.

Our award winning Corporate Finance team has wide ranging commercial expertise enabling us to provide expert advice and support for transactions, financial reporting, disputes and regulatory and administrative requirements – and we can provide valuations for businesses and assets that can stand up to the most vigorous scrutiny.

Holistic support, whatever the requirement

As well as providing valuations we can also provide assistance and strategic advice around the impact of your business decisions on the value of your business, giving you support, tax strategies, robust negotiating skill and ultimately helping you make the best decision for an outcome that suits your objectives.

On top of getting your business valued, we can also help you establish a strategy for getting it to the right value to achieve your objectives. From day one of setting up your business there is no harm in thinking about exit and Wilson Partners can help make that a realistic outcome and not just a pipe dream. Giving you access to robust business information and sound commercial advice we can help take the risk out of those big decisions that often prevent you getting to the next level and having something worth selling. And when it comes to selling your business we also have the skills to help with negotiations and a tax team that can provide tax strategies to get the most from your deal.

About Wilson Partners Corporate Finance

Our award winning Corporate Finance team offers a Director-led advisory service to help business owners navigate the many potential pitfalls in buying, selling or funding a business. We’re a boutique, without the layers of protocol that keeps you away from the most senior people. We believe you always need access to someone senior, so whether it be finding a buyer who suits your objectives or negotiating the terms of your deal with a seller, we can be the guiding hand to a smooth transaction, ensuring we get it over the line with your objectives always at the forefront of our minds. Find out more about Wilson Partners Corporate Finance here.

Wilson Partners Corporate Finance services:

  • Disposals
  • MBOs and VIMBOs
  • Fundraising
  • Acquisitions and strategy
  • Tax planning
  • Financial due diligence
  • Transactional tax advice / structuring
  • Valuations

It’s all about the people! We work hard to maintain our unique culture and recruit those who share our passion for client service, the value we can add to those around us and our never-ending quest to develop ourselves and our clients.

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