Team Events

Of course we’re serious, we’re accountants. But we don’t take ourselves too seriously. With that in mind we like to organise regular events where our team can let their hair down and get stuck into something a little different. Whether it’s learning how to deface the local underpass, cook up a storm or general horseplay we’re right in it. Of course these events are usually followed by a glass of sherry…

The Underground Cooking School
Tons of fun while cooking and getting to know your colleagues. We learned about pasta making, carving a chicken and whisking that gorgeous chocolate pudding. Must warn you, your glass was never empty!

Maidenhead Pancake Race
Winners 1st and 3rd! Loads of fun for a good cause. Daisys’Dream is our nominated local charity which supports children and their families through bereavement.

Payday Drinks
A good way to unwind at the end of the month and catch up with your colleagues.

A mysterious journey and a cursed tomb in the City of treasures
Our team was split into 4 groups during the day. While 2 groups were playing Escape Rooms based on the Japanese online game ‘Takagism’, the other 2 groups were hunting for treasures in the streets of London.

Finding the next Banksy
With the ages of our team spanning 6 decades we have a rich mix of lifelong business experience at all levels, ‘Big 4’ city expertise and ‘fresh out of Uni’ enthusiasm, not to mention Scottish nationals with Jamaican passports!

The proof is in the pudding
There was nothing half-bake’ at our cooking event in London organised by Venturis Table. With the team divided into groups, we learned some great skills in developing a starter, main and pud which we set about devouring after a hard day’s graft.

Polo – like playing golf in an earthquake!
At our event earlier in 2015 the team first had to learn how to ride a horse and then how to play Polo on ‘wooden horses’ before going into battle. Chukker up baby! Thanks to Cool Hooves Polo Winkfield, Windsor.


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