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Duncan Bye, Director, Wilson Partners
15 July 2021

Meet the team in 90 seconds – Duncan Bye

Who are you?

In my free time I enjoy the great outdoors. Whether it be cycling through the rolling hills, paddle boarding down an idyllic stretch of river, surfing the (cold) shores of Cornwall/Devon, or hacking about in the woods at ye-old local golf course, if it’s outside, I’m there. Preferably with the family;  Zoe (wife) and our two girls Mila (5) and Indie (3) and not forgetting Mac our gorgeous Golden Retriever. And they say accountants are boring……….

Life motto; ‘Saying hello doesn’t have an ROI, it’s about building relationships’  + ‘Winning is not defined by me, or your parents, or even the market….. it’s defined by you’.

What’s your role at Wilson Partners?

As a passionate director/co-owner of the firm, I see my responsibilities being;

  • Encouraging open and honest discussions within the team and clients alike
  • Truly understanding what makes others tick
  • Being that ‘go-to’ person whatever the issue
  • Getting out the way, to allow others to work their magic
  • Bringing my experience and knowledge to the table in order to help others thrive

Favourite drink in the office and out of the office

Coffee lover by day, G&T by night.

Favourite Film

Cast Away

Favourite Hobby

Torn between Cycling and Golf

Favourite Food


Favourite Country/ Holiday

My grandparents lived outside of Vancouver for 40 years and we used to visit every year as kids. I love the outdoor lifestyle, with the coast, the mountains and lakes within a stones throw of downtown Vancouver. What’s not to like!?

Cats or Dogs?

Dog, Mac would disown me if I said cats!

One thing that most people don’t know about you

I play guitar, (badly may I add)!

Ask one colleague to describe you

“Great sense of humour, always exceedingly helpful and willing to share knowledge, sets a great example to the whole team in everything he does. Friendliest smile in the business. Has a mild addiction to coffee.” (Paul)

Dunc, we couldn’t agree more. Keep smiling!

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