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7 July 2023

How Wilson Partners and tech can supercharge your business

Since day one, we’ve pushed boundaries and strived to offer our clients something different. Over the years, as we’ve seen technology and software come on leaps and bounds; we’ve kept ahead of the curve by incorporating it into our business and ultimately our customer offering. In 2018 we launched ON.TRAC, an insights based tool enabling us to identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities within your business. Today, ON.TRAC has evolved to become part of our advisory process giving you deep insight into your financial position now and in the future. Coupled with our broad commercial and financial knowledge, we can supercharge you and your business. Think of us like a virtual CFO, strategist and non-exec director – all rolled into one. We can identify strengths in your business, presenting you with how to leverage them. By identifying weaknesses, we give you the chance to make changes fast and we look for new and interesting opportunities for your business, such as tax saving, cashflow optimisation or workforce restructuring.

Technology + people = performance

Business owners are often so embedded within their business that they fail to zoom out and look at the position as a whole. It’s also not uncommon to be too busy to take time out to look at the numbers. In fact, numbers are the code behind your entire business – every success, opportunity and failure is driven by numbers. So, by getting a better grasp of them, understanding them and having a process in place that can flag them long before they become a problem—you’re suddenly in a far stronger position than your competition.

De-risk your business and free up your time

Running a business isn’t easy at the best of times. But with uncertain markets and difficult economic conditions, we find ourselves in a volatile environment with increased risk. Whether you’re borrowing, growing, investing, divesting or diversifying, there’s never been a more crucial time to read up on the numbers and drive down your risk. Using our ON.TRAC process, we can do this for you whilst taking very little of your time away from day-to-day business-critical tasks, in fact, used properly we should be able to find you more time to spend on your business.

With a human touch 

Our business is driven by people and yours is too. As we hurtle towards a future where artificial intelligence is prevalent, it’s important to understand that our ON.TRAC process has been designed with a deep rooted desire to make a positive impact on businesses using what ever tools are necessary. Our experienced advisors have been instrumental in engineering how we can combine real world experience with technology. It is this interaction between real people and tech that gives the most powerful insights, enabling us to provide the platform for a successful strategy.

Seven is the magic number

We’re often put off looking at our own figures due to the sheer amount of factors to consider. Even then you might not feel you’re getting a clear picture and that’s entirely okay – we’ve taken this into account when building the ON.TRAC process. We focus on seven clear metrics that help to build a holistic view of your business position as well as offering enough data to accurately model changes should any of these numbers change by just a fraction. We concentrate on:

  • Revenue growth
  • Gross profit percentage
  • EBITDA percentage
  • Revenue per employee
  • Core cash target
  • Cash days
  • Business return

Future proof your business and put worries in the past

Wilson Partners and ON.TRAC removes the worry of “We just didn’t see it coming” and replaces it with “We saw that coming and we made the most of it”. Not only that, it gives you enough data, strategic insight and value to make intelligent and validated decisions long before problems arise.

If you’re planning for an exit strategy, looking to unlock greater profit, or simply dreaming of a greater understanding of your business at a financial level, we breathe new life into your numbers and supercharge what’s possible with your business.

If you want to learn more about how we combine people, tech and processes to keep your ambitions ON.TRAC, please get in touch.

Find out more about getting your business ON.TRAC.

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