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7 May 2024

Business advisory step one: strategy day

Here at Wilson Partners, we look at more than the numbers. Our Business Advisory Team will help you understand what they actually mean and what is driving them, providing advice on the steps you can take to improve them.

Amidst the daily whirlwind of operations, strategic reflection will often take a back seat, but carving out a path for growth takes time and requires dedicated attention; for us, it all starts with a strategy day.

Your strategy day with Wilson Partners provides a dedicated space where the leaders of the business can step back from the day-to-day and immerse themselves in strategic thinking under the guidance of an experienced accounting professional whose financial wisdom, industry insights and strategic direction will take you and your business to places you may not have been – you know, ‘blue sky thinking’ ugh, we know it’s a cliché, but everyone knows what it means! Whether you’re unsure of your strategic direction or there isn’t strategic alignment within the business, a strategy day is the place where the magic happens, but you’d better wear sunglasses, for all those lightbulb moments!

Of course, having a strategy is great, but you need buy in from the key people in the business, so it’s important to get the right people in the room, the decision makers who need to collaborate and align their visions to enable progress within the business. At the heart of a strategy day lies collaboration, a synergy between the business leaders and the business advisor, as they embark on the strategic journey together. It’s vital that everyone is on the same page, and if they’re not, there might be an awkward moment or two, but now’s the time to get that stuff in the open, the business advisor is there to facilitate conversations and to understand everyone’s desires for the business.

There is no requirement to come to a business advisory strategy day wanting to address a specific problem, we’ll look at all areas of the business, building a picture through discussions guided by the business advisor which will all contribute to establishing the vision; we’ll be looking at the big picture… yep – that blue sky thinking!

However, some clients may come to us with questions such as how to retain staff, how do they ensure sustainable growth and not just have one boom year, or it might be how to improve pricing and margin. Your business advisor’s approach will be based on the individual business’ wants and needs, but the first step involves getting to the crux of what’s happening.

Next steps: from vision to reality
The strategy day lays the groundwork for what the strategic journey may look like, considering every aspect of the business, from operations to finance. It’s then down to the business leaders to own the tasks that are agreed. Wilson Partners can be your guide throughout these steps in your journey, via arranged touchpoints that are all dependent on the businesses wants and needs moving forward from the strategy day. We’ll look to hold you accountable for what was agreed, continue facilitating conversations, and become a trusted ally throughout your business journey.
Overall, we’re looking to empower business owners to make better decisions we’ll be there, through the highs and lows as we chart the course to success, together.

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