4 reasons why cash is Queen (not King)!

At Wilson Partners, we like to challenge the status quo. In our role as accountants and advisors we’d be failing our clients if we didn’t do this on a regular basis. So – in a slightly more tongue-in-cheek challenge to the accepted norm, we want to know why people refer to cash as being ‘King’!

Firstly, for anyone living under a rock, the phrase ‘cash is king’ (according to Wikipedia) is an expression sometimes used in analysing businesses or investment portfolios. It may refer to the importance of cash flow in the overall fiscal health of a business. For investors it may also describe times when it is advantageous to have a large percentage of cash or short-term debt instruments available either due to falling financial markets or due to the availability of investment opportunities.

So, why isn’t cash Queen? We believe that it should be – and here’s why:

  • Queen is the most powerful chess piece that each player has, able to move in any direction along a rank, file, or diagonal on which it stands.
  • We live in an age where women’s battle for equality is finally being recognised, with 2018 fast becoming a breakthrough year in affording respect, equal pay and a continued drive to get more women in powerful positions.
  • According to the Urban Dictionary, Queen is a band that is ‘the very epitome of kick-ass’. They stormed the charts with Bohemian Rhapsody in the 70’s and (with no hint of irony regarding our previous point) they shamelessly wrote about the brilliance of fat bottoms. Call us dull, but we happen to like a fat bottom-line!
  • And lastly, but perhaps most significant to our argument, in the UK we’ve had a Queen on the throne for 65 years and counting. SIXTY FIVE YEARS! That makes her the longest-serving monarch this country has ever had. That’s some staying power.

The list is, of course, endless to justify why Cash should have a female moniker. We’d love to hear your suggestions on why else Cash is indeed Queen.

Why is it important that we voice our opinion on this?

We know that Cash is vital to the success of any business. Money in your business is worth far more to you than when it’s in your customers’ accounts. Cash gives you flexibility to invest, to grow your business, to draw extra dividends, to pay into your pension, to retire earlier… the list goes on. This is why it is paramount to reiterate the importance of cash to businesses.

And, to ensure it is taken seriously, it’s also important to adjust the saying in-line with the world we live in today.

The King is dead.. Long live the Queen!

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