Get with the program! Good use of technology can make huge differences to your cash position.

Cloud based accounting systems continue to provide huge benefits to business owners prepared to embrace them.  With the plethora of great quality ‘add-ons’ to aid everything from productivity to cash flow, businesses can operate leaner, more efficiently and generate more value.

Increase the value of your business by £2m*

You don’t need a business degree to realise the importance of having great cash flow in order to succeed. But have you ever actually calculated the impact on your business’ success with a reduction in debtor days, the consequential reduction in bad debts and the ability to do more with the additional time that is created?

If you haven’t – the results can be astonishing!

*We looked at a typical business scenario for a growing business. Starting with a £1m turnover in year 1, growing at 10% p.a. we assumed average debtor days of 60 and bad debts of 3%.  After 10 years, based on some smart cash flow management, the business’ value has increased by £2m. To find out more, check out our blog are you a worrier, or a warrior?

The difference a cash flow plan can make to the value of your business

With a sensible approach to cash and the implementation of simple but highly effective technology relevant to your business setup, debtor days can be halved and in turn bad debts reduced, leaving you more cash, less debt and greater options.

“Combining the best of our business expertise with the powerful combination of cloud accounting and the plethora of quality supporting apps – the ability to manage accounts, forecast profits, and collect cash is simpler and easier than ever”
Duncan Bye, Wilson Partners


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It’s time to create a new culture in pursuit of cash excellence

Cash needs to be seen in the same light as bottom line and we need a shift in culture for businesses to see the real benefit..

Boost your cash position with a health check!

We’re that confident, that if we don’t unlock cash in your business, we won’t charge you..

With cloud accounting and the right advisor, automation is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Check out our infographic – Three steps to better cashflow!.

How can cloud accounting help my cash flow?

Trusted methodology and innovative technology

The core principals of running a business haven’t changed in centuries. From customer service, to productivity, equipment and cash flow, for your business to thrive you need them all to be on song. Whilst you can survive teething troubles with equipment, or blips in your customer service, no business can survive without cash.

That’s where cloud accounting comes in. Cloud accounting has become increasingly popular in recent years and with some excellent ‘add-ons’ which can be easily tailored and integrated to give you and your accountants a complete, up-to-the-minute overview of your business’ finances and the ability to collect cash faster and more efficiently.

If you’re serious about having a successful business in the 21st Century, then you should be seriously thinking about what technology can do for your business.

“Clients often overlook cash flow in favour of chasing down deals and sales growth, often without any suitable due diligence on their new clients. We can quickly understand your business and recommend the most suitable approach to cash. You can be on the road to positive change within 24hrs”.

Allan Wilson, Director, Wilson Partners

Just some of the tools available to improve your cash flow AND your business

Float is cash flow forecasting software for business owners, finance departments and business advisors. Integrating seamlessly with your accounting systm to give you an easy to use but powerful tool that provides an accurate view of your future bank balance. Create ‘scenarios’ to model short and long-termcash flow.

Satago’s online platform facilitates the provision of invoice financing and sends automated reminders to customers in relation to unpaid invoices as well as reporting to suppliers on outstanding invoices and providing credit reports setting out risk levels of customers.

Directli automates the collection of your invoices from within your cloud accounting system, and reconciles everything for you, automatically helping reduce time and effort, while improving cash flow.

The beauty of using Datamolino is it extracts all of the relevant data from your receipts and purchase orders, removing the need for them to be manually entered. You can then upload or publish this data into your accounting or bookkeeping software for it to process. This ensures your client has accurate and …

is a software tool that will take the pain out of running your business. A total solution covering all operations from prospecting to quoting.

iZettle is a commerce platform that empowers small businesses to take payments, make smarter decisions and get funds to invest in their venture.