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Tax Investigation Fee Protection

Why is tax investigation protection needed?

HMRC has made considerable investment into the ‘Connect’ system (which is capable of cross referencing multiple transactions against tax return data and is responsible for 83% of investigations) alongside an additional 2,500 staff being employed, it is abundantly clear HMRC intend to vastly increase their revenue, post Covid.

The investigation process can take months and result in fees running into the thousands and for more complex cases, into the tens of thousands – even if little to no extra tax is recovered by HMRC following an investigation.

The protection provided gives clients peace of mind and allows the team at Wilson Partners to deal with the enquiry accordingly, without the worry of a hefty fee bill after the enquiry is resolved.

Who covers the cost of the fees?

Clients are covered by Vantage Fee Protect, the policy provided will see the fees incurred through an investigation covered by the policy.

I’m a client of Wilson Partners, how do I sign up to receive protection?

From September 1st 2023 all Wilson Partners clients and any future clients of Wilson Partners will be automatically enrolled into the scheme, unless they choose to take the risk and not be covered when given the opportunity to opt-out.

For more information on the cover provided, please see the following materials:

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