A Short Guide to: Tax Investigation – Part 1

We always recommend keeping your financial data up to date and employing a qualified accountancy service to help manage your business finances. We also suggest that ‘health checks’ are undertaken for PAYE and VAT to see that your systems and processes are operating correctly.  We also recommend taking specific advice in respect of any unusual transactions, ideally before they occur.


Wilson Partners launches employee wellbeing initiative

And so we set up a dedicated team and called it Wellbeing @ Wilson Partners. Our primary focus is to encourage our team to take control of their health and wellbeing through a range of regular events and activities designed to support and promote mental and physical health.


Don’t feel isolated – 10 considerations for your business in the wake of Coronavirus (Covid-19)

We’re talking to many clients who are in sectors that have been badly affected already.  For some businesses the effect is immediate, for others it will take time to filter through.  Whatever happens, being prepared could be critical to sustainability.  Short term measures to address cash flow are vital but the business model needs to be addressed if there’s a structural shift that is to be confronted.