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Rebecca Merrick
17 March 2022

Meet the Team in 90 seconds – Rebecca Merrick

Introduce yourself…

I am Rebecca Merrick, I grew up in the delights of Kent, before heading off to university to study Mathematics & Teaching where I met my soon to be husband James. I now live in the lovely Wokingham with James and my obvious favourite, our cat Lilo.

I have been at Wilson Partners for 5 years after a change in career path from being a Maths Teacher. I am lucky enough to have trained and become a qualified accountant within the audit and accounts team.

Describe your role at Wilson Partners

The key area I am involved in is carrying out year-end statutory work including a range of Financial Statements, Corporation Tax and Audit, which gives me a nice variety to keep me on my toes and on top of my accounting knowledge. I am heavily involved in the training of fellow team members which is an excellent chance for me to pass on my knowledge and utilise my old teaching skills. I thoroughly enjoy the client interaction aspect of the job and exploring the ins and outs of different business whilst carrying out their year-end work and meeting a variety of different people along the way.

Ask one colleague to describe you

“Rebecca is a joy to work alongside – a caring, supportive and hardworking individual. Her patience and selflessness in training & guiding the team even in the busiest of audit periods really highlights this. As Assistant Manager within Audit & Accounts she is a role model to the team – always willing to take on whatever job necessary and with a grin on her face. Rebecca’s positive demeanour is infectious and on a personal level, I could not imagine Wilson Partners without her!” (Amie Ellison)

Favourite drink in the office and out of the office

In the office is definitely a really good coffee, surprisingly I had my first coffee a year into audit, still unsure how I ever made it that far. Out of the office would be a nice flavoured gin and tonic.

Favourite Film

Without a doubt is Good Will Hunting…it must appeal to the number’s geek within me.

Favourite Hobby

I do love a good gym session to clear my mind if that counts as a hobby, if not then I love reading a good book or a bit of gardening in the sunshine.

Favourite Food

I wouldn’t say I have a favourite food but more a genre… I love Tapas, which may be why I don’t have a specific favourite; I love bit of everything.

Favourite Country/ Holiday

I don’t have a favourite holiday yet as I haven’t branched out enough, however my favourite place will and likely always be my childhood holiday destination of Minnis Bay in Kent (I wouldn’t call it may favourite holiday though as lacks the heat!). Fun fact  for anyone at Wilson Partners is ever wondering why I religiously book the desk with that name…

Cats or Dogs?

For anyone who knows me this is an obvious answer….Cats! You will be lucky to know me for longer than a day without me bring up my little cat.

One thing that most people don’t know about you

I am very open about my quirks so not sure I have much which is unknown, so will go for two half well known facts about me….I love Winnie the Pooh (including having a tattoo on my ankle) and my random skill is I can hula-hoop for a very, very long time.

Thanks Rebecca for sharing…and making us laugh! Just off to get a hula hoop….

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