If you’re concerned there is a possibility of a HMRC tax investigation or have been notified that you or your business are being investigated by HMRC, the Wilson Partners team can help you.

Our service is a little different to traditional enquiry and investigation specialists because our starting point is that prevention is better than resolution.  Beyond the obvious direct financial cost and professional fees relating to any settlement, the biggest impact is often from the stress of the enquiry and the significant amount of time that can be wasted trying to find historic information.

Therefore, our service comprises three elements, all based on the positive and co-operative action to achieve the best outcome:


Rather than wait for an enquiry to arise, we can give you peace of mind by reviewing processes and systems for problems including VAT and PAYE health checks and advice on the tax implications of a one-off transaction.  If any issues are identified, they can then be proactively managed by changing processes and if necessary making a disclosure to HMRC.

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Voluntary Disclosures

With the UK having the longest tax code in the world it is unsurprising that taxpayers make mistakes.  Where this happens, the best approach is to make a voluntary disclosure to HMRC and change processes to ensure that problem can’t recur. Our role is to help and advise you through the disclosure process and to undertake any necessary negotiations with HMRC to achieve a favourable outcome.

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Enquiries and Investigations

HMRC now receive huge amounts of information from third parties, including from abroad, as well as information they harvest using their “Connect” computer system. Whilst they may still start a random enquiry, in our experience it is very rare for this to happen and normally the enquiry will be driven by information they have received. Our role is to take away as much stress as possible from the process and to help to deliver the lowest possible settlement.

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Avoiding a tax investigation

What is Voluntary Disclosure?

Enquiries and investigations


The tax team has Director level expertise across all disciplines, to help you navigate the mire of the UK tax code.


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