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Maidenhead and the surrounding area is a hotbed of entrepreneurs, people who have previously and continue to set up and run their own businesses.  Of course, they benefit hugely from great local amenities such as good transport links with Heathrow in close proximity, a wealth of national rail services across the country and access to one of Europe’s largest trading estates. All of these reasons make Maidenhead a popular location for business owners to trade from.

For those that have accumulated sufficient amounts of wealth to be able to invest in other opportunities to create a nest egg for retirement, it’s important to get the right kind of advice for embarking on this sort of decision. Unfortunately, Maidenhead, unlike London or Reading has very few specialist investment planning advisory services and getting this information can either be extremely costly or time-consuming.

However, for investment planning services in Maidenhead, you can always rely on expert advice from the award-winning accountancy and tax advisory services of Wilson Partners.

You’ve probably worked hard to accumulate your wealth. It’s vital therefore that your investments reflect your goals and ambitions for you and your family and are not left to chance.

Our investment advisers are hugely experienced and take the time to get to know you and your objectives in order to provide investment advice you can count on. No latest ‘fad’ or speculative punts – just great advice based on a truly long term relationship.

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We strive to find new ways of doing things that improve the client experience, develop our people and bring sustainable benefit to our community. We maintain the highest standards and make changes to our world before the world changes us.

Relationships That Last

Whether it’s our team, our clients or our wide-ranging network, everything we do is driven by the relationships we build. Together we achieve more, so we form professional relationships that last.

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Dedicated Experts

With “Big 4” expertise and practical experience, our people add real value to our clients. From advising on wealth management to getting you working more efficiently, our commitment to and passion for client service shines.

Committed to People

Our values are centred on the understanding that it’s all about the people. Every client and team member is an individual with ambitions and goals in life. We recognise this, and openly encourage and support the achievement of those ambitions.

At our core is an understanding what our clients need and value – after all we’re an ambitious business ourselves.  We advise our clients the way we would wish to be advised.  Our values that shape and define the character of our business are usually shared by our clients. Review our accounting and business services for Businesses in Maidenhead.

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Call us on 01628 770 770 for a no-obligation chat

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For more detailed information and a meeting to discuss your accounting and finance requirements, please call us on: 01628 770 770 or email: [email protected]

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