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Maidenhead is a popular location for business start-ups, due to the many travel links to London, Reading and Slough and the already thriving local business community.

However, the convenient nature of this location does come at a cost. Small businesses can become isolated from expert financial guidance, usually based in central London. There are a number of accountancy firms in the Thames Valley, but few with the auditing expertise of Wilson Partners.

Audits can be voluntary procedures, but more likely, they are legal or regulatory obligations. Although they can be disruptive, audits have a number of significant benefits:

  • Credibility for your end of year financial reports
  • Identify and address potential issues in your accounting procedures to help you resolve issues
  • Independently assess business actions for shareholders

External audits are seen as an unnecessary cost for many businesses. They are often stressful due the level of detail required, and the independent opinion they should provide is often not seen as thorough enough to satisfy stakeholders.

Wilson Partners aims to alter this view. We offer full audit services to all trading businesses, investment companies, LLPs and pension schemes based in Maidenhead and the Thames Valley, and can accommodate sector-specific requirements, such as those from solicitors and letting agents. We work with owners and directors to identify your requirements, and ensure that our service meets your expectations, leaving you fully equipped to achieve your business ambitions.

Our audit team, WP Audit Limited, is fully accredited and registered, and they’ll work alongside Wilson Partner’s tax and account departments to ensure your audit is as thorough and objective as possible. Our service will give you peace of mind and assurance about your financial situation, allowing for greater understanding of future growth patterns and business processes.


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