Outsourcing: CEMS Ltd


Conditioned Environment Mechanical Services Limited is creating an ever growing reputation within its industry. The firm specialises in HVAC systems, commercial plumbing and process pipework across public and private sectors. Wilson Partners started working with CEMS in 2012 in a business advisory capacity bringing extensive business knowledge, wide ranging commercial experience and a quality network within the Design and Build Industry to the Board.

The Problem

The business was having increased success in winning larger projects and whilst this meant there was strong growth, it also highlighted the need to produce financial information of the highest level required to meet the needs of rapid growth in the construction sector. The Board was increasingly looking to the finance function for quality numbers with the capability to consistently drill down into the numbers as part of its decision making process.

The Solution

Whilst working closely with the board in a business advisory capacity, finance was understandably a regular topic at the board meetings. We reviewed the existing processes within the finance department and the decision was made to outsource a significant part of the finance and accounting function to Wilson Partners who provided in-house Financial Director level support and Financial Controller expertise to oversee the day to day bookkeeping, payroll and cash-flow. Our remit included the creation of a dashboard system for the board to keep their fingers truly on the financial pulse of the business. This has allowed the directors more time to focus on the direction of the business knowing that they had put the expertise in place to monitor and report on the all important numbers.

The client said:

“The last six years has been really significant for CEMS Ltd. Being able to entrust the finance to the experts and focus on the strategic direction of the business has had a hugely positive impact for us and no doubt helped us with our excellent growth. This has included spending time in growing our turnover in a controlled fashion, managing the all important cash flow, attracting an ever higher quality of people to join our team, engaging ever more with our clients of today and tomorrow, improving our systems and processes allowing us to take on more quality projects and improving our bottom line. We’ve made some business critical decisions over the last few years and taking Wilson Partners on board for their wide ranging commercial and tax advice as well as outsourcing part of our finance function to them has been one of our best. Our growth strategy is well defined as we expand our reach throughout the country.”

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How Wilson Partners plugged the accountancy gap for London Based mechanical services business CEMS Ltd.

This is why we so enjoy doing what we do – making a real and positive difference to our clients. In this case our input has allowed the directors to get on with what they’re great at knowing that their finances are in good hands! The results, including the financial results, are self evident.

Zoe Hellmuth, Head of Outsourcing, Wilson Partners Ltd,
Outsourcing: CEMS Ltd