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Imagine a system that gives you up to the minute management info, including P&L, bank balance, sales, actual v budget and much more – A truly liberating experience allowing quick and confident decision making, improved cash flow and greater profits.

  • Improve Profits
  • Access key information, quickly and accurately allowing you to make great business decisions with confidence
  • Free up head space, allowing you to spend to ON your business in the knowledge your accounts are in a good place
  • Stay informed – set up alerts for any KPIs and Management info, meaning you’re aware as soon as something goes awry, or better still, a target has been hit!
  • Complete Clarity – every transaction you have ever recorded is available for analysis and forecasting
  • Prepare for anything – 3-way P&L, balance sheet and cash flow forecasting scenarios give you unlimited flexibility. You can even visualise multiple entities side by side
  • Drive team performance – select user permissions that allow access to KPIs, forecasts and targets whilst keeping confidential data locked away

At Wilson Partners we see that our most successful customers are those with an up to date grasp of their company’s health.

By utilising the latest cloud technology and integrating your internal management information system along with your bank you can now view a complete ‘real time’ status of your business, not just on your desk, but on your mobile devices too.

Used properly, this kind of tool is an invaluable asset in helping you achieve your business goals, measure performance and make super fast business critical decisions. There’s no waiting for post month end reports, no surprises, just a real time view of the state of your business, allowing you to respond to unexpected trends, bad payers, slow sales or sudden spikes which may trigger a cash flow crisis.

And you don’t need us to tell you that the companies with the most powerful and up to date information are the ones with the most consistent growth and healthiest profits.

To complement our existing management accounts service, we have partnered with Xero Accounting to facilitate this capability for all of our clients. With pain free migration from existing accountancy software and seamless integration to work flow and management systems, you can start using this system with almost immediate effect.

We offer a full range of Xero services, including set up, training and ongoing support.  You could be up and running on Xero, transferring data from your existing system, as quickly as next week – and it really doesn’t have to be painful or expensive!

And if you’re not sure if Xero is the right solution for you, then we can still work with you to provide up to date management info so that you have your finger on the pulse.

Let Wilson Partners guide you through a Xero evaluation for your business. Complete the form opposite and a Xero expert will call you back – or simply call us on 01628 770 770 to arrange a demonstration.

Practicing what we preach

Running a business in the 21st century is exciting and full of opportunity.  To stay ahead of the game we recently took the decision to move to Xero and used the opportunity to improve the information we get in our management reporting (even further!).

Having an integrated budget is vital and Xero makes this very easy to both set up and report on.  The ability to access up to date information at any time is a real benefit as well as the fact that our bank transactions now flow automatically into the software – saving many hours of processing time each month.

We love the dashboard feature – great quality information, presented in an easy to understand and visually appealing way allows us to highlight areas for opportunity and build an even better business.

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