Our clients’ success is at the heart of everything we do. Obviously it’s important to stay afloat, make a profit and ultimately exit your business, although often this is not the key driver for many people. That’s why we asked a mix of our own team and our clients to answer one simple question – ‘what does success mean to you?’ Here’s what we learned.

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“Success is the reward for working hard and for making the right decisions at the right time. It’s a dollop of self-belief with a dusting of luck!”

Oliver Gleave
Monii.com Ltd

“Being happy and enjoying life. Being a good Dad. Owning a fab company. Having great relationships with those around me. Financial security. In control of my own destiny.”

Adrian Powell
Active Facilities Management Ltd

“I think the real recipe to success is happiness and enthusiasm – being happy with yourself and with what you do in any life situation.”

Alena Dulakova
Wilson Partners Ltd

“Success to me, is when you have achieved as a team and as an individual everything you set out to achieve.”

Paul Graham
Goldstar Heathrow Ltd