Ross Wilson

Contact Ross:

07831 551569

He says:

“As an out and out business adviser to entrepreneurs I really enjoy helping businesses to become more successful by helping them grow, overcome challenges and holding them to account for decisions they make.  It’s got to be a really good reason for someone to come to one of my meetings not having done what they say they were going to do at the previous meeting!”

We say:

“Ross gets involved in a wide range of aspects of a clients business.  It might be chairing a board meeting one day, resolving a shareholder conflict the next and interviewing for the next key hire the client will make the day after that.  His enthusiasm for his clients is unsurpassed.”

You say:

“Best in the business.  An adviser that will support, encourage, challenge to ensure that objectives are met.”

Ross's other interests

Golf, sailing, theatre
A summer's evening cruise along the river
A former international squash player