Brexit’s back with a vengeance – can we reach a deal?

Oh, how we’ve missed the B-Word! Having been knocked off it’s perch by C-word, Brexit is now back and well and truly tussling with COVID-19 for top headlines. As we watch the negotiations unfold and the political “twists and turns” happening it is important to note the transitional UK EU arrangement ends regardless of a “deal or no deal” on the 31 December.

The Government is set to unveil its post-Brexit trading law on how it intends to police UK trade between different parts of the country today. This has already caused much comment over elements which could allow minsters to modify the UK’s existing exit agreement with the EU.

We are not here to comment on the politics or the negotiations but we do want to remind you that the key date to note for any new deal is the 15 October by when the UK wants a summit with the EU to agree terms. This would allow time for the deal to be ratified by both parties. Of course with 2.5 months to go from that point, this timeline may well move!

What we can say is that over the next few months we will keep all our clients up to date with the latest news and provide practical guidance on what steps to take before and after the 31 December 2020.

The Government has produced a personalised list of actions for you, your family and your business to help prepare for Brexit.


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