Wilson Partners launches employee wellbeing initiative

Last week (25th March, 2020) at Wilson Partners we launched a new internal initiative to our team.

Building on existing activities that are part of everyday life, we wanted to ensure that wellbeing is a regular fixture on our agenda.

And so we set up a dedicated team and called it Wellbeing @ Wilson Partners. Our primary focus is to encourage our team to take control of their health and wellbeing through a range of regular events and activities designed to support and promote mental and physical health.

All activities will be defined by at least one of our ‘7-pillars of health and well-being’:

1) High intensity exercise

2) Reduce caffeine

3) Eat well

4) Laugh a lot

5) Get a hobby

6) Sleep

7) Walk tall

Dan James, Head of the Transaction Team and our Chief People Officer said ‘We already do lots of good things around Wellbeing. The creation of the new group is simply to consolidate those activities into a common thread so that we can define what Wellbeing @ Wilson Partners means and ensure it stays front and centre of our business agenda and becomes firmly rooted in our culture.’

Launching this last week has come with the extra challenge of getting it off the ground and maintaining it whilst we are all working remotely.

Dan went on to say, ‘We didn’t want to delay the launch as with so much uncertainty and change in everyone’s lives, now seemed like a perfect  time to launch a platform to help deal with stress and promote good health’.

Rule one for our team while they’re working remotely is ‘Use your commute time for yourself’.


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