Brexit Strategy – Wilson Partners’ 23 point plan

Click here for our 23 point plan, where we have covered many of the challenges (and opportunities) that UK SME businesses will face in the short term and what can be done about it.

The prospect of a long period of uncertainty is not attractive but it will take time for the UK’s relationship with the EU to be decided and the trade agreements with the rest of the world put in place.  Uncertainty brings risk. However, risk can, and should, be understood and mitigated wherever possible. So, what are the risks to UK SME businesses in the short term and what can you do about it?

Our 23 point plan covers many of the challenges our clients are telling us they’re facing and some ideas for what to do next.

And remember, we’re only a call away and happy to discuss any concerns about how Brexit might affect your business. As ever, we’re here to help and guide you through both the good times and the challenging times.


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